Contact Lenses Review from@Tayler Buechel

Contact Lenses review from@Tayler Buechel

Recently I was sent a package from Anma Beauty to review and try! I am forever grateful for this opportunity and here as promised, is my honest review of their products!

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Their contacts come in a variety of colors and styles including cosplay,natural, and multiple different seasonal and collections!

I was able to choose 8 pairs of contacts to review and I had chosen:

-Sweet Wine Brown

-Halfmoon Alice Black

-Pola Violet

-Gridding White

-Blue Manson

-Hell Raiser

-Blink Brown

-Black-white Vortex

I had loved all of the contacts i had the honor of reviewing, I was sent contact lense cases for each of the lenses. Most notably they were comfortable, some other companies I had tried were very dry and irritating, Anma Beauty's however are quite comfortable and do not affect my sight whatsoever. I was especially shocked with Gridding white, I expected them to not have much visibility to them as they cover the entire eye. My personal favorite being Halfmoon Alice Black, all of the contacts were extremely vibrant and accurate to description. I strongly recommend purchasing a pair for yourself to try! I hope to work with this company again and would love to do a giveaway at some point! 

Thank you again to Anma Beauty for this opportunity and I definitely recommend for anyone looking for cheap, high-quality contacts. They have new discounts almost every week, so you are destined to find the right pair for you. 

In fact, you can use code "movedtostmafiosoz20" for 20% off your purchase!

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