Anambeauty Contact Lenses Review from Hatue People

Anambeauty Contact Lenses Review from Hatue People

There is a first time for everything! And this is a true testament to wearing contact lenses for the first time .. ever! 

I have been wearing glasses since 1999 when I started High School which stemmed from me not being able to see the chalkboard in Grade 6 and had to always sit next to the Teacher at the front of the class which was pretty awkward. Fast-forward to my adult life where I still wear glasses and have made them my signature. The thought of contact lenses has never crossed my mind as I thought they would be super expensive to maintain and I would not have liked the feeling of an object in my eye. I started going to the gym a year ago and wearing glasses has become cumbersome and my trainer suggested I switched to contacts.

I immediately wondered if he was gonna pay for such a suggestion and brushed it off and continued to work out in glasses and simply tucked it behind my hair if it felt loose.

Just a few weeks ago, a representative reached out to me from Anmabeauty and introduced me to“Colored Contact Lenses”that can be worn yearly. To top things off, I was told the lenses are soft and the colours are more natural. I immediately said yes and took the offer to review the contacts as I wanted to experience wearing contacts for the first time.

About the Product

Anmabeauty  " My lens, my beauty "

After years of being an unbranded lens supplier, we registered our trademark in the US to establish our market identity in 2020. Anmabeauty may still be a new name for you, but you probably have already worn colored contacts manufactured in our factory. We are a startup brand with solid product lines and experienced designers. In our online store, we select the most popular collections and release new lenses to lighten your eyes. We celebrate the free and fashion spirit of everyone with our endless efforts to optimize our lens designs and bring them to you at affordable prices.

The Products

As I’m more of a natural girl, I opted for colours that were close to my natural eye colour and complimented my skin tone and went with the Poemcon Gloss Contact Lenses in Brown and also the Tahini Cube Yearly Coloured Contact Lenses in a dark hazel colour. To be 100% honest, when I received the package, I had no idea what to do and wondered what the“liquid” in the glass was for and reached out to my representative at the company who was so polite and patient with me. The contacts were in the“liquid” which is the solution to keep the contacts clean and moisturised and also ensured I didn’t have dry eyes. The products were nicely packaged in a silver box with the prescription on each vile (bottle) and I also received 3 pairs of contact lens cases in a snazzy hard plastic case and a mini tweezer and another apparatus to apply and remove the lenses. They were easy to wear and once I put them In, they were a bit awkward and took a few tries to get in, but once on, they didn’t feel like I was wearing contact lenses.

I liked how seamless the entire process was from ordering the lenses, based on my prescription, shipping and also the fact that the representative answered my questions in a timely manner. I am excited to wear my new lenses at the gym and with more formal dresses where glasses might not look the best. Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes!

I give the product a 10/10 as it checked all the boxes of what makes a great product and of course the customer experience was 100%.

Special Offer

If you visit the website and would like to order your very own lenses, use special code“lorane” to get 12% off your order.  Let me know in the comments if you wear glasses or contact lenses.

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