How to put in colored contacts for the first time?

Everyone’s eyes have different conditions, and they will have different reactions when wearing contact lenses.  Some people’s reactions are mild, and some people’s reactions are more serious. Especially novices may encounter more problems during the wearing process, mainly in the following aspects:


1. A mild foreign body sensation but no pain.                                                                                         It may be that the edge of the contact lens and the wearer of the eyelid margin are not used to it. In this case, you can try to continue wearing it to see if the symptoms disappear.


2. The bulbar conjunctiva is mildly hyperemic.                                                                                    It may be a normal reaction of the conjunctiva to the initial adaptation of the contact lens, which should disappear in a few days.


3. Sometimes the vision is blurred.                                                                                                            Corneal edema may appear in the initial stage of wearing the contacts. Observe whether it is still blurred after one month.


4. Difficulty seeing near.                                                                                                                                 Contact lenses and frame glasses have different accommodation power for near vision, and contact lenses have greater accommodation power than frame glasses. If you have mild near vision difficulties, please slowly get used to it. If you can't adapt, please replace low-degree lenses.


Conclusion                                                                                                                                                          It is very lucky to buy a favorite and comfortable color contact lenses! Anmabeauty's return and exchange policy lasts for 60 days. If you have any of the above-mentioned abnormal problems while shopping at anmabeauty, please feel free to contact us and we will definitely solve the problem for you.

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