Why do your colored contact lenses block the line of sight?

Why do your colored contact lenses block the line of sight?

In order to achieve more realistic and better upper eye effects, the pattern design is more concentrated near the pupil of some contact lenses. But, each person has different size of the optical area, people with bigger optical are prone to block the part of pupils, which leads to blurred vision.

I'll analyze the following conditions of obstructing the line of sight to provide more reference value when ordering colored contact lenses.

1.the structure of our eyes

As you can see from the picture, we see things clearly through the"small black dot" -pupil in the middle of the eye. If the pupil is blocked, it will be blurred and unclear.

2. the structure of the contact lenses

This picture shows the design of each colored contact lens. The middle of the lens is transparent because the pupil of the eye needs to see things through the transparent part in the middle.

3.The pattern design of each colored contact lens is different

Some lenses have large transparent parts in the middle while some have small.

The above reference styles are: Burning Sweet Orange/ Spring Brown/ Attractive Brown

If the transparent part in the middle is small, the chance of obstructing the line of sight is greater. If there are enough transparent parts in the middle, there will be no obstruction of sight.

The reference style is: Burning Sweet Orange /Spring Brown/ Attractive Brown

4.When wearing effect of the same "Burning Sweet Orange"

Large pupils may be blocked the line of sight, small pupils do not.

The structure of everyone's eyes is different, some have large pupils, and some have small pupils. Different people wear the same colored contact lenses, while some people will block part of their pupils, while others will not.

5.When the eyes turn

Sometimes the line of sight may not be blocked at the beginning.  But the lens will slide in the eyes, and part of the pupil will be blocked during the sliding process.


There are two smooth and wet interfaces between the lens and the eyes. It is inevitable that the lens will slide in the eye with a series of external forces such as blinking and turning the eyeball. As long as the sliding doesn't affect comfort, it is a normal sliding phenomenon. (Of course, there will also be cases where the slide is very obvious, which may be caused by the inconsistent base curve and not fit the eyeball.)


Please be sensible when choosing a colored contact lens since the one that suits you is the best. It's not like choosing clothes that can be returned back If you don’t like them. Contact lenses are medical device products and can't be reused and returned after unpacking. Therefore, please consult and refer to your prescription before you place the order.

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