Sunstone Brown Monthly Colored Contact Lenses (By Different Power)

Natural Contacts

The natural and color rendering Sunstone Brown contact lenses bring a sense of layering and water-light to your eyes. The dark brown outer ring makes your eyes more focused. This is a very age-reducing monthly contact lens, the enlarged optical area does not block the line of sight and comfort makes it the perfect lenses for everyday wear.


  • Packaging: 1 Pair (By 2 Different Power lenses)
  • Frequency: Monthly Wear
  • Texture: PolyHema
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Diameter: 14.2mm
  • Water Content: 42%
  • Product Number: 6045
  • Prescription:-0.00 ~ -8.00

Please choose -0.00/PLANO if you're in perfect vision.

6 More features of Sunstone Brown Lenses
1. Can Choose Different Power
We have launched pair color contact lenses with different power to meet customers with different power of eyes. You can choose according to your eye power without worrying about whether you need to buy a pair of each power, saving you more time and money!

2. Advanced Sandwich Painting Tech
This color-embedding process divides contact lenses into 3 layers, which effectively prevent the pigment layer from touching your cornea directly, ensure your eyes healthy and safe.

3. Smooth Edge Design
Super soft and smooth colored contacts edge design offers you a natural and fresh feeling without any foreign body sensation.

4. Against Protein Stains
Polyhema materials of high quality effectively avoid protein precipitation, making lenses soft and comfortable to wear.

5. UV Blocking
Help to block daily ultraviolet when you are outside. Wearing Anma Beauty contact lenses every day means that you have additional protection for your eyes.

6. Monthly disposable
Can be wear for 30 days. Softer than the yearly lense & more cost-effective than the daily lense. Conducive to all-day wear even for people with dry eyes.