100% Genuine Goods

We've been providing high-quality lenses for 12+ years; all products are sourced from certified distributors.

Lenses With Low MOQ

Wholesale pricing starts from just 100 units (50 pairs). Dropshipping has no minimum.

Low Prices

Competitive pricing and no ceilings. You're free to set your own margins.

Giveaway Rules & Details

How to entre:

1. Follow us
TikTok: @anmabeauty
Instagram: @anmabeauty_official
2. Like giveaway posts
Both Tik Tok Post Reel and Instagram post are available.
3. Comment and @your bestie
Reach this step and you stand a chance to win our $45 spree, congratulations!

4. On the basis of fulfilling the above conditions, send a video and @anmabeauty, Tag #anmabeauty #giveaway, there is a chance to get a gift package worth $80


1. Prizes in the comment area: $50 gift bag *5 (including 4 pairs of color lenses + glasses case + 1 pair of eyelashes)
2. Video challenge prize: $100 Mega Bag*10 (including 4 pairs of color lenses + glasses case + 2 pairs of eyelashes)

Makeup Challenge Video Requirements:

1. You can choose from the following forms to participate in the challenge
(1) Music card points, makeup changes
(2) 2000s makeup show
(3) Cyberpunk-style makeup styling
2. The video duration is about 15s
3. @anmabeauty and add the following activity tag
#anmabeauty #giveaway

Winning Rules

Prizes will be drawn randomly in the comment area, and the video challenge will be assessed according to the following conditions
Tik Tok: Video views, comments
INS: Photo likes, comments; IG REEL views, comments. (Note: INS Stories do not count.)

In the interest of fairness, entrants may not submit entries that contain third-party logos unrelated to this competition.
Once the work is submitted, it is deemed that the participating author agrees to abide by the relevant regulations of the competition. If a copyright dispute occurs during the competition or in the subsequent development and use process, the legal responsibility shall be borne by the entrant who submits the work, and anmabeauty shall not bear any responsibility for infringing on the rights of others.
If the winner does not provide the required information or fails to fulfill the relevant copyright transfer or authorization obligations, it will be deemed to have waived the corresponding award.
If a winner fails to respond to the award notification within the specified time, the prize may be forfeited and the next highest scoring entrant may be contacted as an alternate winner.
The handling fee for the payment of the prize shall be borne by the winner.